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Nowadays, many factory often uses mezzamine floor to support sensitive equipment but floor need to provide vibration environements that are accepted for the equipment in question.Thus, the designed need to determine the maximum allowed vibration to which this equipment maybe subjected, so that a floor can be provided that will permit no more than allowed vibration.The following calculation is based on AISC Guide 11:Floor Vibration Due To Human Activity.

Please download this standard as link below:

Code & Standard_AISC Design Guide 11 – Floor Vibrations Due To Human Activity

The recommendation of this calculation is appropriate for supporting sensitive equipment is to:

(1) design the floor for static live loading somewhat greater than the deisgn live load.

(2) calculate the expected maximum velocity due to walking-induced vibration.

(3) compare the expected maximum velocity to the appropriate criteria givens by manufacturer of equipment and

(4) adjust the floor framing as necessary to sastify the criterion without over designing the structure.

The most important thing for the vibration serviceability design and evalutation of floor framing system is natural frequency. This calculation sheet gives the guidance for estimating the natural frequency of steem beam; steel joint supportted floor systems and compare with allowable vibration of equipment . Please see the detail calculation by click to the following link:

Vibration for decking slab